This test is called a meal tolerance test. It is a test for determining whether diabetes is present or not, and if so, it gives an idea of the severity of the diabetes. The test needs to be done fasting.  You should have nothing by mouth the night before the tests after you have eaten dinner.

First, come into the lab and you will have a fasting blood sugar drawn.  Then, you should have one of the following three breakfasts. Exactly 2 hours after you START  to eat the breakfast, you should come back to the lab for a repeat blood sugar level to be drawn. The office will have the results of this test within several days and you can call to discuss this with the doctor.


            2          slices toast, with butter and jelly

            8          ounces of orange juice

            8          ounces of milk

            1          cup of cereal, with sugar


            4          cake doughnuts

            8          ounces of milk


            1          egg

            2          small pancakes

            1-2       ounces of syrup

            8          ounces of milk


Revised 8/08



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