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Prescription Refills:

We handle prescription refills daily. The most efficient process to get your prescription refilled is for you to contact your pharmacy and have them fax your request to us. Because of the turnaround times from your pharmacy FAXing us, our review and approval, and FAXing back to the pharmacy, please allow a 2-3 day lead time for refilling prescriptions. If you are overdue for an appointment, we will only provide a limited refill and ask the pharmacy to notify you to make an appointment when you pick up your prescription. We will refill prescriptions for the drugs we write, but must refer you back to your Primary Care Physician for those medications which other physicians have prescribed for you in the past.


Some pharmaceutical companies have programs for providing medications for a reduced price or even free to individuals without insurance coverage or with limited household incomes (typically household incomes of under $25,000.00 per year). Diabetic medications, lipid lowering medications and blood pressure medications are included in these programs.


If you think you might qualify for one of these programs, please ask us at your next visit.

Some people choose to get their prescription refills from Canada or Mexico, primarily to save money. For important information provided by the FDA about these practices, please look at the heading Drugs from Canada under the Important Links button on this web site.


Revised 9/08

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